SAOL – Gaelic for Life


Located in the heart of downtown, we are your source for Massage Therapy in Edmonton.

At Saol Wellness our main focus is your Body, Mind …..and Saol!

Why choose Saol?

When we started this journey we asked ourselves “what is life?” To us Life means growth, joy, peace, and happiness. Therefore, what we have attempted to create is an atmosphere that encourages that ideal; we want your experience as a massage therapy client to be extraordinary and one of a kind, just like you!

Why will you stay?

We know that everyone who comes through our doors has different needs and requires customized attention to their specific needs to make the most out of their wellness experiences.  Our Registered Massage Therapists are committed to providing the best quality of care and maintaining that throughout the entire experience at our massage therapy clinic.  You will never be rushed and you will always leave more aware of your body, mind….and saol!

Specifically, we can treat all of the following & more;

- low back pain
- joint pain
- chronic pain
- fibromyalgia
- sports injury
- hip pain
- knee pain
- rotator cuff injuries
- upper back & neck pain
- carpal tunnel syndrome
- tennis elbow
- and so much more!